Who We Are

We use High Quality Ingredients for our gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches

Golden Brown is a Dublin based company founded in 2019. We specialise in creating gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches using a combination of fresh, local, Irish produce and high-quality Italian ingredients. The quality of our ingredients is of the utmost importance to us. From artisan sourdough baked by the multi award winning Dublin institution, Bretzel Bakery, to Cheese sourced from the hills of West Cork – all ingredients used are of the highest possible quality. This combination helps transform the humble grilled cheese into a deluxe street food!

grilled cheese sandwich in a paper package
grilled cheese sandwiches being grilled

Our Love of Food

Our love of Italy and appreciation of its rich food culture is also reflected in our menu. We have an expansive menu which caters for all tastes and creeds including our popular Spicy Vegan sandwich.

We can be found at farmer’s markets around Dublin and Wicklow and our products are also available to order online. We also provide options for corporate days and private events such as weddings. If you are a coffee shop, please get in touch with us for wholesale pricing. 

Please visit our Instagram page
@goldenbrown_grilledcheese for more details.